Bilbo's JavaScript Examples

JavaScript is one of the things that makes web sites fun. It can do all kinds of neat stuff.

If you are just learning about JavaScript, it's a basic programming language modeled after the C language syntax. It's often used to add in-browser functionality to web pages because it allows a webmaster to access the document object model (DOM) which is a collection of objects making up a web page. JavaScript is nice as well because it offloads processing from the server onto the client machine, which can improve the speed of a webpage.

Using JavaScript, a webmaster can make a web page do things that HTML cannot do by itself. For example, here's a function that causes a string of text to expand and contract like a rubber band might.

Letter WOW

Bilbo Loves JavaScript

Here are some links to other examples using JavaScript to do various things such as making games that can run in a web browser, animating a button as a joke (suggested by my youngest son--he thought it was funny), and other miscellaneous activities which JavaScript makes possible.

I hope you enjoy them. Have fun!

Examples using JavaScript

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